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Our mission is to unite, inspire and accelerate the movement towards regenerative food systems as a means to restore human and planetary health.

We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting New Zealand farmers in the shift toward regenerative/living systems.

Through story, we aim to unite farmers, growers, eaters and citizens, making the link between healthy nutritious food and regenerative farming practices, while demonstrating the impact of ecological guardianship (kaitiakitanga) on social and physical well being and resilient rural communities.

By seeing the world through the lens of regeneration and by reconnecting to farmers, soil, land, food, community and stories, we can collectively realise a healthy, thriving future for us all.

Watch Road to Regeneration

Don’t miss this opportunity to watch a powerful evening of storytelling right here on New Zealand soil, featuring Farmer’s Footprint founder, Zach Bush MD, Nicole Masters, Tre’ Cates, Te Rangikaheke Kiripatea, Angela Clifford and Dr Hugh Jellie.

About Road to Regeneration

Road to Regeneration was the official launch of Farmer’s Footprint New Zealand where local and international thought leaders shared their unique stories of regeneration. It was a pivotal moment of co-creation, curiosity for our future, and a deep remembering of our highest potential as humanity.

We have edited all these stories into a film to share with you all.

Be a part of this evening of reconnection and hope.

Be inspired. Join us on the Road to Regeneration.

For a short time this film will be available to purchase for $39.00+gst

(access to two videos, totalling 3hrs playtime)

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